Jancis Harvey
Singer/Songwriter - Concerts, TV, Radio

Jancis Harvey's book now available WORDS YOU LEFT BEHIND

An autobiographical anthology in words of the songs of Jancis Harvey is now available - more details on how to obtain can be available from Jancis

released 2010 and featuring a bonus track of Hallelujah
1. Something in the Air
2. Fire of Burwell
3. Wild Dolphins
4. Feral Cat
5. Annabelle’s Unicorn
6. Tuggin’ at my heart
7. We walked to The Gap
8. Scarlet Town
9. Barbados Breezes
10. Lady in Black
11. Little Bird
12. Rougham Fair - The Greening of Tomorrow
13. More than Fantasy
14. Brave Men of Alde burgh
15. Deep between the Lines
16. Hallelujah  - click here to listen


DISTANCE OF DOORS produced in 1972 and released just before WORDS YOU LEFT BEHIND - Distance of Doors was recorded on the Pilgrim King Label and features the guitar playing of Clive Argent- the voice and guitar of Jancis Harvey, with Alec Anness on autoharp on one or two numbers and Bob Webb on flute. Side 1: Distance of Doors; Inasmuch; City Song; Have we changed; Simple Gifts;Morning has broken Side 2: When I needed a neighbour; It is written of you; I am a rock; One man alone; Home from the Forest; Judas and Mary; Jesus Knows

This album was released in 1972,- and contains the following material: Words you left behind;Three Jolly Rogues; Housewives Lament; Victory Rag; Me and Bobby McGee; Crimson Sunset - Side 2: Billy Grimes the Rover; Golden Apples of the Sun; Country Air; Angeline; Rooster Song; A week before Easter - This album also has the fine guitar playing ofAlec Anness, plus some excellent autoharp work from him and he also accompanies me vocally on Billy Grimes.

Produced in 1975 with the extra musical accompaniment of Clive Argent (guitar) and Nick Biggins (base) - Time was now; Darcy Farrow; Annies Song;Farewell She (with me doubling up on mandolin); For Polly; Bolberry Down. Side 2 - Cool Summer Wine; Four Strong Winds; Wild Flying Dove (with me on autoharp); the Corner Cafe; This old guitar;The night they drove old Dixie down.

Produced again in Wales again in 1976, with Clive and Nick, and me as always, vocal and guitar- this is my favourite of the early collections, containing: You and me; My Father's Business; Swallow Swallow; Man of Galilee (me on autoharp this time); Killing me softly; Catch another Butterfly; I'm gonna be a country girl again. Side 2 - City of New Orleans; I am the morning sun; Little Star; Take Two; No regrets; Nobody knows you when you're down and out.

Produced in 1979 on the Westwood label - this album features a slightly different sound with the addition of an excellent set of musicians producing more country sounds than the previous albums- it also features Clive Argent on guitar as before. Side 1: He's just the one; Nouska; Torn between two lovers; From the Darkness came light; I love you; We shall rise. Side 2: Love is like a butterfly; Phantoms of Suffolk; Another suitcase in another hall; Bolder to Birmingham; Joleen; Peter's song; Garden Gnome.

These beautifully produced mini-vinyl CDs also contain the full words of songs, plus extra early photographs inside the double sleeves.

All these five CDs shown on this page are available from various retailers contact Jancis for details

Produced by Jancis Harvey in 1999 - this album contains a collection of self composed songs of a more spiritual nature - most of the songs were used on various TV and radio and Schools programmes - All songs were written byJancis Harvey apart from The old rugged cross - Candle in the Dark; Hillside Singer; Light of the Very First Christmas; Psalm150; From the Darkness Came Light; Five Loaves and two fishes;Little Star; Shepherds on the Hillside; Mary’s Dream; A still small voice; Healer in the Leather Sandals; Northumbrian Son (song for St. Wilfrid); See the Farmer; Venite (Come let us sing); Lord of the Harvest; Open Door; Road to Emmaus; The Old Rugged Cross;Seagull

Released 2000 and produced by Jancis Harvey- featuring songs written and sung by Jancis Harvey,this is an entirely solo album with no other instrumentalists apart from Jancis Harvey. The songs 134 Hills Road, Tom Horgan and The Railway, which were written by RICHARD SPENDLOVE with music by JH - other songs: WHERE GENTLY FLOWS THE CAM; WAKEMAN OF RIPON; SCARBOROUGH TOWN; YOUNG GYPSY; SONG OF SUFFOLK 2000;OUR TOWN (Newmarket); IDLE TOM (Giant of Wisbech); TIME WAS NOW;BANKS OF THE TYNE; BENEDICITE (BLess the Lord); MY FATHER'S BUSINESS;I LIVE NOT WHERE I LOVE (trad.)

Jancis Harvey is a member of EQUITY, PERFORMING RIGHT SOCIETY and Christian Copyright Licensing

The collections CANDLE IN THE DARK and PEOPLE AND PLACES are recorded by David Smith at Alpha Recording Services using the very latest technology. For details of studio,availability and charges please let me know and I will forward information.

Following are lists of the currently available cassette recordings and the material on them.

GOING DUTCH - Going Dutch; Dublin the rareold times; Darcy Farrow; The Rose; Bolberry Down; The Road to Emmaus; Casey’s Last Ride; The Wild Dolphins; Four Strong Winds; Trick or Treat

WE'LL MEET AGAIN - Dublin’s Fair City; The Mountains of Mourne; Danny Boy; Crazy; I love you because; Scarlet Ribbons; The Wild Rover; Carolina Moon; I’ll be your Sweetheart; Blowing Bubbles; My old man; Maybe its because; Que sera sera; Heartbeat; White Cliffs of Dover; Now is the Hour;We’ll Meet Again; Hey you got a loight boy

REQUESTS - Where gently flows the Cam;Annabelle’s Unicorn; Fire of Burwell; Lord of the Harvest;Song of Suffolk; Tuggin’ at my heart; Young Gypsy; The Fountain in the Market; The Old Rugged Cross; Carousel; Bells of Cambridgeshire;Corner Cafe

SHOEBOXES - Scarlet Town; Golden Apples; Shoeboxes; Don’t think Twice; Tom Traubert’s Blues; My Old Friend; The Band Played Waltzing Matilda; The Boxer; Polly; Venite (Come Let us sing)